Are you Struggling in Recovery? I want to hear your story!

I’m writing a book about recovering from alcoholism and I need stories from real people other than myself. In my first book, it was all about me and what made me successful in recovery, much like this blog. I have plenty more to say (click here to see the rest of the articles), but as I’ve been writing and researching more about why we become alcoholics, I’m starting to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to sobriety and understanding alcoholism. What I’m looking for are people that are having trouble dealing with staying sober. I’d like to know what you have the most trouble with in day to day living as a sober human being. Please feel free to tell about any aspect of your sobriety/alcoholism. I don’t need names or any data from you except for your story. You can make up an email on Yahoo! and delete it right after you send the email if you want. Please put John Doe or whatever you want in the name section. Identity is not important. It’s research that can help you and other people understand and recover from their addictions. Your story will help other people and their stories can help you! I will only share excerpts of your story and what I found that might be able to help. You can use your name if you like as well. It’s up to you. I believe that addiction to alcohol and drugs is an important epidemic we’re facing, and if you’re sharing your story, I’m sure you do too. My goal is to help people understand where alcoholism truly lies and that it doesn’t have to be a burden forever. It’s not trying to give someone a ticket to drink again, it’s about understanding of how alcohol affects you and how to stop the desire for it. That’s why I say recovered and not cured. If you’ve read other posts, you know I get as deep as I possibly can on my thoughts and how I came to conclusion about why it happened. I would like to relate my stories to others as it would make for a VERY helpful and VERY interesting book! I would like to thank you in advance and I look forward to reading your story! You can fill out the contact form or send your story to

Here are some questions to get you going. It’s not a questionnaire but may be treated like one if you’re more comfortable doing it that way. Every story matters!

Did you grow up in an alcoholic family?

How did you start drinking?

When did you know you were an alcoholic?

How long have you been sober?

What changed in your life since you became sober?

Has life gotten better or worse since you quit?

What is your process?

Do you feel that there is a better way to recover than the current process you are in?

What do you think of AA and the 12-step model?

How has alcoholism/sobriety affected your relationships with friends and family?

Day to day, what is the hardest thing you deal with to stay sober?

What is the easiest part of staying sober?

Do you feel you have enough support?

What support do you think you’re missing?

How do you keep from relapsing?

Do you sometimes relapse and keep it a secret?

Do you blame others for your alcoholism/addiction?

What have you found outside of the program you’re in that works?

Do you take any prescriptions or any other drugs to help with the anxiety of recovery?

Does it help?

Are you optimistic that one day you’ll feel free from alcoholism?

Check out the rest of the articles by clicking here #BeHigherBeings and it will take you to the homepage!

Thank You! Have A Powerful Day!


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