Researching Solutions for Recovery and the Cures for Addiction

The Myth…

The common misconception is that once you become an alcoholic or an addict, that you’re an alcoholic or an addict for life. Only now, in 2018, we have research data on a fairly new science called epigenetics, and the latest in medical research proves that believing that takes a lifetime to recover to be untrue. 

Epigenetics says that we can change the expression of the alcoholic gene by altering external factors that in our environment. In 2018, we don’t have to hold on to the medical myths of the past that were used to scare people into not using mind altering substances.

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How is this done?

In my book Recovered: The Cure for Alcoholism , I go into detail of how growing up in an unstable and unsecure environment, can lead to choices that can send us down the road to addiction. I connect the negative learned behaviors from my childhood that carried over into and an adulthood that became filled with fear, anxiety, and alcoholism.

Using my unfortunate lifetime of depression and alcoholism experience and the dedication to learning about the human mind and body, I put a program together that works with any individual and can change the expression of the alcoholic gene. The goal of this program is not to see if this process works, the goal is to see how fast it can work.

The program uses very simple and natural ways to be a healthy human being. We are not battling an addiction! We are removing the environmental factors in which the addiction thrives and replacing it with an environment where mental and physical health and wellness can grow. The process is heavy on meditation, a whole food clean diet, exercise, and an emphasis on keeping things like social media and news media to a minimum. I even lost 65 pounds during the process and have no trouble keeping it off because it’s a real solution.

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Where Did This Passion Come From?

After nearly forty years of battling alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, and depression, my mind and body finally had enough. Being raised in an alcoholic family created and environment that was surrounded by failure, inadequacy, shame, depression, and anxiety, and I’m not alone. Even as a kid, I wanted to find a solution for my parents’ alcoholism but instead, ended up in the same cycle they inadvertently taught me. Maybe I needed the unfortunate experience of alcoholism to understand it so well.

I knew I didn’t want to continue living in the constant state of fear of the thought that I may relapse, so I started studying all the latest knowledge about what scientists and doctors know about the brain and body. What resulted from my continuous learning and dedication is a fully recovered human being, and my book, Recovered: The Cure for Alcoholism.

What is the End Game?

I was able fully recover from alcoholism and become a ‘normal’ person again that has no cravings for alcohol, or any desire to drink. I believe that this process can be successfully done in three weeks, with minor support needed after the end of the program, although support would be available 24/7.

I want to be able to create and share this successful program that consists of natural solutions, and present it using video content, work books, live support, and even 3-5-day events that will coincide with the rest of the recovery program.

The end goal is to have an affordable program that works because it’s a human solution and not an ideology. This is a great opportunity for more people to understand alcoholism and addiction, and to begin to have widespread solutions available for everyone to access in recovery.


Who Will Benefit?

Millions of people are struggling to stay clean from their addictions every day and those are the people that will benefit the most from your donations. Since the program deals with finding root causes of unwanted behaviors, the program and data will also be used to help prevent anxiety and depression that may lead to alcoholism and addiction before they happen. That way you’re not fighting with a substance, you’re just making a better adapted human being that doesn’t need to hide their anxieties with alcohol. That might be a bigger first step than the first one taken on the moon!

Click here to be taken to the GoFundMe page.

The Costs

There has been a lot of progress already made (that’s why I wrote the book), but more time and money are needed to create relevant, step by step content, so that the vast majority of individuals can easily understand and resonate with the material and content.

The money will be used to create a professional video series, relevant printable materials, and marketing and distribution. The funds needed for this important beginning will undoubtedly exceed the amount requested but achieving the smaller goal will be plenty to jumpstart the process of putting this program together for distribution. The amount of progress that has already been made is such that after hitting this funding goal, the program will be up and running in 90 days.

Updates and Where to Find Them

You can also learn more about my story and ideas by visiting . I will also post updates and progress reports at least once a week that will be seen here and, on my website,  once the funding goal is nearly reached.

My thank you means a lot but could never be big enough to express my full gratitude! So, from the bottom of my heart, and of the hearts of everybody that is struggling in their recovery from addiction that will be able to use this data to regain their lives… THANK YOU for your support!


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