Introducing Matrix Life Balance Solutions for Your Employees

                                Help Your Employee’s Unlock Their Full Potential!

With the type of commitment that we ask of our employees, life can get very stressful. People not only have the demands and deadlines of their careers but trying to keep a stable environment at home at the same time, is another animal altogether.
Since both of these lives must coexist, many people have a hard time balancing them and turn to external factors to solve their problems, like gambling, excessive alcohol use, pharmaceuticals, and many other activities that get us in trouble. We use these addictions to mask our problems, boost our energy, calm our nerves, get a rush, or sometimes just to make it through the day.

A temporary solution of stopping at the bar, liquor store, or pharmacy becomes a habit, and then quickly a dependency. This means that the temporary solution of an internal issue starts to creep outward into an individual’s life, affecting their work and home environment because they’re losing the capability to deal with the new problems they’re creating with their temporary solution. This becomes a cycle, just like running on a hamster wheel with seemingly nowhere to go, and that same individual will try and hide their growing problem because of the shame associated with addiction.

What happens to your employee when this takes place and what’s the solution? You can fire the person and get rid of the problem, send them to a thirty-day rehab after they hit bottom (depending on the laws in your state), or you can take another approach and educate your people, so they have the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent these problems for themselves, and others.

Addictions like alcoholism, gambling, and even overspending are widely misunderstood and therefore widely mistreated. Traditional 12-step programs are negative and intrusive on a professional’s life, and deal with the symptom of the act rather than the root cause of the problem. The biggest example of the mistake that these programs share goes against everything we have learned about the brain according to neuroscience, which is to repeat the affirmation “Hello. My name is… and I’m an alcoholic/addict.” In doing this, you’re hard wiring the chemical makeup and neural networks in your brain to believe that you’re still in an addictive or an alcoholic environment, and confirming to your subconscious, that your temporary solution has control over the rest of your life! Imagine what else we confirm to our subconscious every day without even knowing it.

There is a lot of shame that comes with a label like that, and it’s one that kept me from being honest with myself… which made it impossible to be honest with others. Some of our closest friends and family members, not to mention our employees, are going through the exact same thing right now and it doesn’t have to be that way. The latest research in epigenetics and neuroscience says that it’s the external stresses of our environment that signals and down regulates healthy genes and causes dis-eases like alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, and depression, and even ones like cancer, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change neural networks over the course of one’s life, allows us to learn to control our external environment by regulating what happens in our internal environment, so we can reverse these unhealthy genetic expressions and live a far healthier and much more fulfilling life.

How does this help an employer and its employees? Besides helping another human being not let their lives spiral out of control all the way down to “rock bottom,” it helps every employee learn to master their internal environment and be far more productive with far fewer mistakes. If your people are under constant stress, then they’re continuing to produce stress chemicals at unhealthy rates, which leads to sickness, feeling underappreciated, substance abuse, and very bad decision making. If you were being chased by a tiger, your body would release some “holy shit” stress chemicals so you can try to save your life. Your body would not be focused on its health or any other decision making other than RUN! Try and imagine making a logical decision if your body was under that kind of stress. It would be impossible to even imagine what you would want to eat, let alone help a customer with an issue.

The human brain has the ability to “re-live” any situation that we’ve experienced in the past, and in any manner of recollection that we want. While you may never be chased by a tiger in your lifetime, you can “re-live” any negative experience that you wish, which causes your body to “believe” that it’s still in danger. If your body believes it’s in danger, it will send a signal to your brain telling it to make the stress chemicals needed to experience the situation you’re thinking about. To make it worse, when you embellish the story to make it even more dramatic for your friends and family, more of those chemicals are needed for the feelings and emotions needed to tell the story, and your body continues to believe that it’s still in the same stressful experience. If you continue this cycle with story after story, your body learns to stay on high alert causing you to be uncomfortable in even your safest environments. And being on high alert all the time will affect your decision-making abilities because you’re in fight or flight mode when you don’t need to be. Bad decision-making leads to more problems, and more problems leads to more bad decision-making and so on.

A cycle like this is a roadmap that leads to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and sickness which is what that employee brings to work unknowingly, or if they’re hiding a problem… unwillingly. It can happen to anybody, but the chances are far less likely if people have and can implement the skills needed to absorb their lives in a different manner than finding external sources to try and make themselves happy. The techniques in the workshop are designed to help people balance their lives so addictions like gambling, money spending, over eating, and their addiction to stress are addressed in the same way, making any theme possible if your company has specific issues with certain employees.

There are root causes to these problems and a lot are simpler to find than one might think. The workshop will teach people how to stop this cycle of negative thinking, feeling, and behaviors, and start learning how to create neuroplasticity, and use epigenetics to their mind and body’s advantage. We are all at our best when we’re physically and mentally healthy, and if we have a collective of people that are physically and mentally healthy, then we have happy employees, happy customers, and a happy & heathy bottom line. As a bonus, these changes have a very positive effect the body’s autoimmune system, which means fending off sicknesses like flu and cold viruses, and other common disease becomes easier, and you and your employees probably won’t drain the company insurance plan so often.

This is a six (6) hour workshop done on your company’s premises. The workshop is based on the 5 Strides to a Successful and Fulfilling Balance of Career and Home Life and use three (3) key factors for success like epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and implementing the proper changes to your environment, both at work and at home. Right away, we will explain why each stride works scientifically to take any mystery out of the benefit to the person taking action, and start teaching implementation skills immediately after. Most people would agree that taking the mystery out of why what you’re doing is working is important for success. A great example would be, when you have a short temper and tend to scream and yell at people for the smallest reasons. If you’re told that it’s affecting your health more than it’s hurting the person you’re yelling at, most people might want an explanation, because excessive yellers are addicted to that anger. There are also daily exercises to help balance your daily life that make so much sense scientifically, that not doing them will seem ridiculous.

Balanced employees that don’t bring their home life, their secret addictions, and their anger towards the world to work, will help them to be far more productive, making them an indispensable part of your team. Add value to your business by having employees that value their time while they’re there.


What is the intention of the workshop?

The intention of the workshop is to help your employees develop stress and life management techniques that will help them balance between home and work and allow them to be happier and more productive day after day. It will teach them to remove the self-sabotage programming that causes people to seek out external substances and addictions, tempers to flare, major mistakes, feeling unappreciated, blame and finger pointing, bad customer service, work place injuries, and much more of the negativity that hurts individuals lives, therefore affecting your business.

What’s my ROI? (Return on Investment)

Your ROI is exactly what it would cost to… have low productivity, send an employee to rehab, loss of customers due to bad service, people calling in sick, people that do nothing but complain, and so on. It’s all the individual stresses that people bring with them from home that affect your business.

What is my involvement?

Managers and executives are encouraged to know what your employees are being taught. The workshop is designed to train people to create neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to make improvements over the course of one’s life) and help them understand the concept of epigenetics to unlock their full potential. It’s not just going to improve their productivity at work, but it will help them create a better life outside of your company as well, and a balanced employee is a productive employee. The same concepts and techniques are being used to help people cure depression, obesity, alcoholism, and even diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. The information is universal to every human being, so your involvement is beneficial to you.

How do I know this program works?

Research on Epigenetics and Neuroscience has exploded over the past decade and we’re more informed now than we have ever been. Although many of these processes have been around for centuries and even millennia, they have finally been researched in our society to show that the human mind/body connection is far more powerful than previously recognized. The latest research and scientific data say that these processes reduce anxiety, stress, anger, and more, and gives people the opportunity to grow by clearing away the negative and self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting belief patterns of “I can’t”. The workshop is meant to give people enough scientific information and data to be able to WANT to hold themselves accountable for their own lives. Once you open Pandora’s box… there’s no closing it.

What tools will be provided?

There will be a free resource E-book that will provide links to articles and websites that people can use to continue to learn and think outside of the box to continue creating neuroplasticity. Also provided will be a workshop exercise journal, and full email support so individuals can follow up on their own health, wellness, and balance in any manner they wish. Continued learning about this program can be purchased on an individual basis and programs can be tailored to meet anyone’s needs. Many companies have implemented wellness programs for their employees to boost the bottom line, but not many with the scientific insight and reason that this one provides. Think about companies like Google and Apple that provide extreme perks and benefits for its employees to motivate them and increase production. While this is not that type of perk, the increased production benefits are usually bigger because they deal with real information and implementation towards physical and mental health, wellness and balance.

Why aren’t these approaches to mental wellness more mainstream?

They’re getting there, but where’s the money for the medical industry when they are more mainstream? Our medical industry is run by the pharmaceutical industry and you see how that has turned out. There are more deaths caused by the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of diseases than ever before and people are starting to wake up from the fog and question their doctor’s repeated solution of just writing a prescription. In the age of information… ignorance is a choice and old habits die hard.

How much does this cost?

These prices are for a 6-hour workshop on your company’s premises.

10 attendees or less- Flat $1250

11-25 attendees- $119 per attendee

26-50 attendees- $100 per attendee

50 attendees and above- $89 per attendee

Off site and individual programs are also available!


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