How I Want to Help People this Holiday Season #BeHigherBeings

So here it is, the holiday season of 2018 and we’ve been off and running for some time now shopping for the perfect gift, getting tense with family members, and 10X-ing the typical amount of worry we normally have.
Everyone is trying to keep the holiday cheer, but shit gets tense sometimes, and we all have to cope. Unfortunately an ever increasing number of people use outside substances and distractions in excess to make it through times of stress like alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, over-working, social media, etc., even though we know these solutions are temporary and never fix anything.

We use these things as our go-to distractions year after year, either hoping things will get better, or maybe that Aunt Helen will finally move to another country so you won’t have to hear her bullshit about why your marriage blew up, but nothing gets better until we face it.

What do you mean by face it?!?

Calm Down. Facing it doesn’t mean that you must have a confrontation with another individual at all, in fact, it’s better to resolve the issue internally so the other party has little or no effect on your mood, and you cannot be forced to react. So, if your reaction is self-destructive like turning to alcohol, and you have gotten rid of your triggers to drink, then there is nothing left to do than to have a great holiday!

How do I do this?

The tricks to any mind process are simple to learn once you understand that you’re the one making the chemicals and holding the energy that are controlling your every move. To understand this about yourself, implies that you’ll be able to understand it about everyone else, and so your reaction to situations won’t flair up into a rush for the bottle or any other destructive habit you think you find comfort in.

It also validates anything new that you may introduce into your routine, such as meditation or breathing exercises. Many of us tend to believe something is going to work when we know exactly how it works.

So here’s what I decided to do…

Most of the emails people send me turn into a video call consultation anyway so, send me an email and we’ll have a one on one video call so you can learn a few tricks to help you stay on course this holiday season and beyond. I do run a coaching course so if you want to continue, the option is always available.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to stay sober, stay on track with your diet, or just trying to get through the end of the year without a full blown panic attack, send me an email and I’ll schedule a call on Zoom for you. Depression and anxiety don’t have to rule this year!

Most calls last about an hour and will have no cost. Yes. This is completely FREE. If you want to donate for my time then you are free to do so, but otherwise, I will not charge for these calls.

I don’t bite, I don’t judge, and I don’t care what your problem is, I just want to offer some free help to those who feel they need it. The holidays can be an especially frustrating time, and even a new perspective can sometimes help calm your mind into a healthy decision making state. Why not learn a few things that will help you recognize and feel the love that we’re all supposed to be feeling this time of year?

So send me an email ( with “#VirginEggnog” in the subject line and an approximate time you want to set up the call, and we’ll get together as close to that time as possible. Remember that this is free and you don’t have to donate a cent, but I promise I won’t stop you if that’s what you want to do. Happy Holidays! We’ll be talking soon!

Happy Holidays! I’m grateful for your donations!

Donations are always appreciated as it takes time and effort to put all of this together. Donate $5 as many times as you want! Thank you! #BeHigherBeings




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