Day 15- Privileged. 100 Days of BeHigherBeings. Changing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Thank you for joining me on day 15 of 100 days of BeHigherBeings! Happy birthday to my son Jacob!!! And congratulations to my friend Dave who just found out he and his beautiful wife are having a baby boy! I also start crying a little bit, go on about some stuff, and even get lost... Continue Reading →


Wim Hof Breathing Method Helps Me Save The Night For Some Families When The Heat Goes Out!

Making yourself better helps other people! I was able to give the gift of heat in a cold crisis last night because I’m doing the Wim Hof Method of breathing. Check it out! #BeHigherBeings

How I Want to Help People this Holiday Season #BeHigherBeings

So here it is, the holiday season of 2018 and we've been off and running for some time now shopping for the perfect gift, getting tense with family members, and 10X-ing the typical amount of worry we normally have. Everyone is trying to keep the holiday cheer, but shit gets tense sometimes, and we all... Continue Reading →

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