BeHigherBeings GoFundMe Page! Please Share This!

A little over a year ago I started my own program to help me cure my cravings for alcohol, reverse the damage done by years of excessive alcohol abuse, lose any amount of weight you want without killing yourself... and it works! Since then, I quit my job in the car business and I have... Continue Reading →


Be The Person That Makes You Happy

When you’re happy with who you are, nobody else’s approval is needed to achieve your dreams! Life gets easier when you start loving yourself! Related Article: #BeHigherBeings: How To Be Happy  

Afraid of Fear

What happens right before a craving for alcohol, nicotine, food, or whatever addiction that currently has a hold of you? It's usually some sort of panic or anxiety attack about a certain situation where we immediately feel the need to run and hide or look for something familiar to help us deal. It can be... Continue Reading →

How I Want to Help People this Holiday Season #BeHigherBeings

So here it is, the holiday season of 2018 and we've been off and running for some time now shopping for the perfect gift, getting tense with family members, and 10X-ing the typical amount of worry we normally have. Everyone is trying to keep the holiday cheer, but shit gets tense sometimes, and we all... Continue Reading →

Get the Plan for the First 48 Hours of The Matrix Recovery Program Absolutely FREE!

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Facebook Live video and all the "Where do I start?" questions, I've decided to give the plan for the first 48 hours of your recovery absolutely free! Read some articles and Check out the details in the video! The Matrix Recovery Program

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