Things I Buy

Here are some of the supplements that I take, and things that I buy to help keep myself healthy! They’re links so if you find anything interesting, I wanted to make it easy to just click on it and get it directly from Amazon. I try to find the best companies that sell the highest quality shit since I’m putting it in my body, but do your own reasearch.

Please share in the comments if there is anything that you have found that can be beneficial to other people as well. #BeHigherBeings


Recovered: The Cure for Alcoholism
The cure for alcoholism is in these pages!


Genetic testing can help you choose the right diet.

Ketones burn fat and help with cognition.

Cognition and Immune Support

Cognition, respiratory support, and immune support

Healthy respiratory support

It works!

Awesome for trail running

Helps with gut microbiome

Strong bones, collagen, and immune support



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